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News from the Front.
Dwayne McDuffie died today, which hit me kind of hard, not unlike the late Mike Turner or Mike Wieringo's death. I'm well aware that there's more important stuff going down in the world today, but the dude died at 49, and was a killer writer, for both comics and television. I'll probably touch up on it more next entry, as this is the annual post-Katsucon report.

There's a good chance this is my last Katsucon. Not that it was a bad convention or anything. It was actually all sorts of rad. It's more of a life choice, as it's between Magfest and PAX East next year, which is followed by C2E2 in April (in theory). There's a chance I'll be hitting up 2 or 3 of those, and it makes sense to drop Katsu. It's always been a sub par con, but a lot of awesome people go there. Either way, I have plenty of time to decide my status for next year, but if this was my final Katsucon, at least I went out with a bang. And no, this doesn't really apply to Carrie, as her business is still heavily reliant on con sales. Anywho, recap away:

Despite some car troubles on Ray's end, we not only managed to secure a lease on a new apartment 10 blocks away from our current one (bigger, slightly more rent, but better local IMO) and hit the road by 1pm. Twas a packed car filled with myself, TEE, Ray, Flippy and Drew, but a fun trip none the less. We got there, got our rooms, unpacked, made some rounds, watched some CN (The Regular Show and the new MAD series are both great!) and eventually got read for our Devils WILL Cry shoot w/Lionel (w/ some photos from Leonard as well)

More photos are obviously on their way, but hey, it's a start right? Carrie and have plots for PAX East regarding the couple, but  more at that at some other time in the future. Either way, after said shoot, we ran into some rad ppl (Mandy and Co.) and got into our fancy clothes, and eventually, we broke into smaller groups and hit up Pulse, or as John and I now refer to it as, the Citadel (Mass Effect reference). Anyway, have some lolzy pics.

Photo 1: Chris-face will be a FB icon.
Photo 2: I'm Captain Swagger Shepard of the USS BALLIN-dy even when drunk.
Photo 3: Anna and I were both blitzed, so dont ask what was going on or what she was getting suprise buttsex. However, we are accepting captions for the photo.

The night ended with me doing a drunk work out at the Gaylord's gym. Not gonna lie, shit was cash.

Friday highlights:
The Mecha panel went over real well! Thanks to John, Ray, and Sean Ewing for helping me out, Drew for being a bro, and Ray again for calling a Hetalia cosplayer a robot fucker when Xenosaga came up. Running gag of the weeekend #1 established.

The MVC3 event was rad, as was the DC event that followed it several hours later. Post drinks were had, and I met Anna's friend Crystal who was a delight, and we ended up paling around the rest of the evening as Carrie clocked out early due to excessive alcohol consumption. We ended up at the club again in fancy clothes, and I think Rob of Roblanna fame and I talked NY sports for about an hour. Again, shit was cash, and I have photos.

Photos by Judy and Ollie, who's proven Spider-man is indeed a menace. Also Ollie gets a bro-fist for having a GF who willingly wears costumes with Boob windows.

Starting the day off with a hangover and Hetalia was a poor life choice, as that's what I did. The Carrie and her Gaga was pleased with my Denmark costume, as were many people who associate with that fandom, and it made my life suck for awhile. On the brightside, I did get Frank Cho to sign some Bendis-written Avenger books he drew and picked up a signed sketch book (no sketches/commissions sadly Monty as he wasn't doing any), and I'm fairly certain I made Amanda-panda & Jenni's day by showing up at their booths as Denmark. Also here, have some photos:

Fear my tiny hat, also be assured that Ray pointed out that I was now a robot fucker. Anywho, eventually I got out of this and hung out w/Drew,Ray and John for a bit, making some rounds, creeping and swinging by Harle's booth for a rad wig for Ray. We even did dinner w/ Laura McDoo, Dar and Mac in my room! Eventually it was Metal Gear time w/ Lionel, Virgina and Judy, and I eventually got my man card back for doing this.

Slick I know. Eventually it was back in semi-fancy w/ the boys, as I made my rounds once again. The whole lot of us met up at the bar (The Secret Gentlemen Alliance, the Tits n Heels Society, the Far East Movement, The Ray and Drew Show....yes these are now running gags 3/4th of you are not aware of. Also- Doctor Lawyer MD, Lawyer Doctor PHD, the Pizza Rape Wagon and Pizza is a real thing). I actually remained sober the rest of the evening, which outside of NYCC, is something that's rare at a con. John, Drew, Ray and I handled the Badass games, and Lauren and Brian lended a hand w/ Ray and John for Who's Line Anyway, which was packed for a 1:30am panel.
Either way, I could not ask for a better bunch of people to help me.

Sunday we made our rounds, said goodbyes and headed back to NYC, where I proceeded to play the hell out of MvC for hours on end. Overall Katsucon was a rad con thanks to many a rad people, who I hope to see again in the future despite the fact I'm not going to Otakon or Dragon Con, and my status at AUSA is still up in the air. Hell of a run gang.

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Glad you had fun with the MVC3 event!

Yup. Despite wet booties and all!

(Deleted comment)
Dino CHrisis is ALWAYS relevant.

This post needs moar Dante! XD

Awesome pics. Carrie is the cutest Bayonetta EVER. Love how Spider-Man trolled the DC shoot. We all need to get together and wail on each other in Marvel vs Capcom 3. :D

I actually got the rest of my DMCxBayonetta pics today. I need a better wig for said costume.

And YES, SUDDENLY SPIDER-MAN at the DC was....amazing. Best timing ever.

And for REAL regarding hang-age.Once I get this whole moving business settled I'll work on it.

The costume looks awesome though. What is the coat made out of? It's so shiny I'm thinking pleather. Oh and you must be in that costume when we game. Carrie won't mind if I attack you. ;p

Man I HATE that Jean armor. And I like me some Jean.

And yes, it's made of pleather, although we were trying to find something darker and failed. That costume is also 3 layers (Under Armor, Vest, Jacket) so maybe i just do a ghetto DMC3 style when I wear it arou-HEY WAIT WHAT AM I AGREEING TO?

As for what Carrie approves and disapproves of...that's a convo I rather keep off of a public lj post lmao.

Here, have some Dark Phoenix. She's all sorts of sexy badass.

How about NO to the chest strap thing? lol

I approve of Dark Phoenix.

And man, fuck the man bra. Fuck it in it's eye.

Woah woah woah, why does Ollie get the bro fist? I'm the one who willingly wears boob windows like it ain't no thang.

Because you are not a bro. You are a Broyonetta. You get Broyonetta-fists. DUH

My huge cock and balls say otherwise.

lol broyonetta.

Really? Man, you did a killer job of hiding 'em in PEE GEE.

Also now I have like 1000 questions for Ollie. Or like 3. 4 at most.

God tier tucking skills. Even Ollie can't tell the difference!

Well that explains 3 questions, and raises 6 more.


Nope. I am Doctor Lawyer, and Drew is Lawyer Doctor. You can be Lawyer Cop though!

I was a little worried when the 'whose line' kicked off with sodomy and fart jokes, but I feel like we built a good rapport with the audience. I'm still shocked there was a line for a 130 panel! Also, are you lj friends with Beth and Maria? They have Scott Pilgrim pics. We're bringing them to PAX East, and there will be Rock Band.

Most convos with me DO start w/sodomy and fart jokes though.But yeah, the stronger stuff came later on!


(Deleted comment)

Thanks, althoug most of the credit goes to the photos who took em! :D

Awesome, the tac gear worked out! Glad you found a gun, too. Looks good, although needs moar stubs.

Yeah I shaved Friday morning and NOTHING grew back come Saturday. Also the black hair doesn't help. May have to try this again sometime again down the road.

I LOVE that last picture... totally made this entry. I never went to Katsu myself and I was always tempted to go as so many folks I know do. FUN!!!!

Dino-CHris is always relevant.

And Katsu as a con itself is rarely good. It's really the people and the environment that make it. Frank Cho was a guess this year, and he should up for all of a day, only signed and sold shit, and refused to do any sketches/commissions. Kinda beat if you ask me.

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