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I crack the whip, you play the game!
Penny-Arcade, Pain
Status update: I'm in move mode over the next 2.5 weeks, so I may go AWOL/MIA from LJ for a brief hiatus due to move stuff. I can be reached via FB/Twitters/Email/Txt, which most of you mooks should have by now.

Anywho, PAX East was a thing that happened. Again. In Boston. It was big. Like 67,000 ppl big. Making it the biggest PAX to date, let alone the biggest gaming convention in the country. Is that both sweet and tight? YUP.

So how was the con itself? Excellent actually! Let us review.

We should have packed earlier, but fuck that noise, it was happy double date fun times w/ Amanda aka Blucircles and her bf. We hit up Dallas BBQ and a non-dairy ice cream place in Alphabet City. A rad time was had, as the dude was LEGALLY cool guy, and Amanda remains "A cute widdle woobiely". Will do again at some point in the near future even.

A late start almost caused up to miss the bus,  but some Bro-op thanks to AJ and I ensured us arriving on time. A solid bus ride got us in on time, and after some slight hotel faggotry, we managed to get our room. Carolann, Carrie, myself and AJ went on mini-adventure, and ran into Ken Levine, the dude behind System Shock and Bioshock. That was rad. Eventually, we split up, and the girls and I hit up the Pokemon Pub Crawl, which is exactly what it sounds like. Mcslanty, Pokemon Sara and her crew were on hand, and I ran into Sephygoth Nick, his gf and his boy Chris for the first time in years, so we shot the shit. Despite paying only for 2 drinks, I managed to mooch a decent amount of booze w/o asking. We got back to the hotel room  w/enough time to meet up w/ Ali and Maryann, and go to bed at a decent time.

-Woke up at 7:30
-One line by 8am w/ Carolann, Maryann. Ali and Carrie to guarantee us getting stuff.
-Severe Bioware fail, yet great Okamiden plushie buy=GET
-Played Street Fighter 4 on the 3DS, was rad, but nothing I need now.
-Sang Bon Jovi for a free shirt via Rock Band 3, coz none of the fucks I played with knew any goddamn Disturbed or Avenged Sevenfold
-Went over to the Oni Press/Udon booth, score a cool Bayonetta sketch, and picked up a box/poster for the 6 volumes of Scott Pilgrim, and Street Fighters Legends: vol 1 & 3 to get signed by the creative teams/
-Picked up a sweet Samus Aran shirt from the Halolz crew, coz I love me some Samus,
-Failed getting into the Penny Arcade Q+A #1, was discouraged from panels for the rest of the day.
-Changed into Dante, Carrie changed into gym uniform Bayonetta, and met up w/ Leonard and Laura T as Lady. Got a ton of photos taken, and ran into a really nice Trish cosplayer who ironically cosplayed Bayonetta last year. Our pic is up on Kotaku, and I imagine we'll see Leonards DMC/Bayonetta photos over the next couple of weeks.
-Pizza Party w/ the masses. The Masses being Aj, Maryann, Drew, Ali, Meg, her crew, Ray, Flippy all while Ben and Carrie had chinese.
-Waited in line to see the Protomen performed. Got drunk on "Plants vs. Zombies, sans the Plants"
-Saw the Protomen, who kicked ASS! Promptly bought both cds and a poster.
-Hung out w/Drew and Ray until Sean Ewing showed up.
-Headed over to Drew/Ray's room and hung out w/them, Alex, Mario, Carolann and John.
-In bed by 1:30

-Woke up before 10:30
-Saw the Draw a Strip Panel. Watched as a fucking Brony got his way.

Nyaaa indeed.

-Exhibitor room fail, although I got to pick up my sketch. Paid too much for a hot dog, sat on line for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution panel.
-Panel was rad.
-Shot the shit w/Renee, Leonard and Rob, eventually mady my way to the Hip Hop and Video games panel hosted by Mega Ran, his producer and MC Frontalot.
-PANEL WAS AMAZING, despite the Q+A portion was fulled of white dudes trying to look fly.
-Sean-abrations, made me miss the Cosplay panel (Bioware cosplay, bioware cosplay everywhere),  but worth it to hang out with pretty much EVERYONE!!
-Went to the Scott Kurtz/Kriss Staubb panel, which was like a RAGE! panel but legally allowed to be more drunk, and what have you. Lasted 90 minutes out of the 3-4 hours it actually ran.
-Eventually met up w/ Ali, Drew, Sean and Ray and watched Mega Ran perform. Shit was sweet. Cameos also included the Donelly crew, many ppl named Sara(h), Carrie, Flippy, Adam and a very drunk asian girl.
-Suddenly 3am

-Hated life
-Saw the tail end of the X-play live panel, hated that.
-Kick ass seats for the 2nd Q+A panel. Was rad.
-Hung out w/Mario, got to play the Gears of War 3 multiplayer demo, Fire Pro Wrestling, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and Skull Dolls. Picked up some light up shutter shades as well.
-Eventually headed back to NYC

OVERALL: Fucking amazing time. Granted these are just highlights, I had a ton of fun, and love the PAX community. I believe I'm con free for awhile, but come summer, I'm looking forward to working on Mass Effect plots w/Renee. I haven't been this energized post-con running on such little sleep since NYCC, and it was pretty much confirmation that anime cons are nearly dead to me. My ANEXT status is still up in the air, but there's a slim chance I'm going to AUSA for the simple fact that I want to Beta test a few panels for Magfest/PAX East 2012. Either way, an amazing con was amazing, and I'll be back in 2012.

It was also great to actually hang out w/Carrie at a con where she didnt have to work. She joined me at a few panels and had a ton of fun, and played a lot of Pokemon black and white. As I said on the CoP thread, this is her now when it comes to the Pokeymans:

And while I'm slowly, attempting to get her into more comics and Mass Effect, she's back on the Bayonetta ball again, with talks of a 4th Bayonetta costume. This pleases the fuck out of me so much. It also helps we have group plans later in the year.

Either way, enjoy some fun images, and I'll see you'll when I see ya. And for the record, I didn't see a single dick wolf, be it in t-shirt form, banner, or costume. Not saying there wasn't any there, but if they were, it was in an extremely small quantity. Although a vagina wolf was drawn during the make a strip panel, and quickly erased. Shit was pretty funny.

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Your call man. Carrie's not doing anything Bayonetta until fall/winter later this year, and that shit ain't gonna cost a dollar. I need to fix up Terry as is, because we could use some snazzier pictures of the Bogards boys.

As for buying games, Amazon is a god send, as is mom n pop gamestores from time to time.

One of these days, I'll actually go to PAX.

One of these days.

I would say plot for PAX East immediately after NYCC this year dude. So much videya. So much.

Sound like you had an amazing time! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I was considering to go but seems like most of the ticket minus Sunday is all gone and I was late to the party to book anything. :/ oh well.

Are they going to be back in the same venue / place for 2012?

Think so. But yeah, we usually book rooms/badge for group rates around December/January, so let us know if you want in next year.

Oh look at Dante big pimpin'! You sly devil you. See whut I did thar?

Pas mentioned wanting to go to PAX next year. Be nice to actually attend a non-Anime con. How was it price wise?

Not my fault, Carrie suggested said photo, the ladies agreed to it coz bitches love me coz I know how to rock.

For badge, the main hotel, and food stuffs, you're looking to drop around $200-300 a head. It sounds like a lot, but it makes sense once you get there

Good seeing you dudebro!


Hopefully you'll come visit us in NYC sometime before the next PAX. Although Carrie will be in town for Animoo BAWWWWWWWWWWston

Awesome pics! Had a blast, and yes bawww didn't see you enough. PAX is super keen.

Your moving? Where too? :O

Staying in Brooklyn just moving down a few blocks to a bigger place :D Hopefully you'll get to see it if you visit us in a few weeks!

(Deleted comment)
Yea,nothing short of medical or job reasons is keeping me from coming back again next year...even while AB is going on across town, lmao.

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