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Livin on the corner of dude and catastrophe

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Cinderella Man
Travis Chillin
Hiatus over. Move=GET.

Is LJ still relevant? Doesn't matter, I still prefer using this over Facebook because of the severe lack of LJ messenger or whatever. The only thing that distracts me while updating is more internet. Luckily, it seems ye ol block has been lifted from work, so I can update from the office again. HUZZAH!

Anywho, you may or may not have heard that I've most this past weekend, something that was done with a bro-mada of bro-mandos. My dad, Sean Ewing, Pat, Vic, AJ, John, Ben, Jesse all lent a hand during the big move that morning, and Ray and Mario assisted that night/Sunday. Carolann, Sarah M and Dar also helped out too, because they're cool like that. It was actually a pretty smooth transitation, as the apartment is up and running at about 75%. We have internets, the gas should be turned on by tomorrow. and there's a little work to be done to the bedroom, as well as Carrie/Carolann's sew-hole/computer room. I also have to arrange some manga/book/action figures, but sadly, I find that kind of thing fun. I am a nerd after all.

2011 has been a extremely busy year so far, but I think it's finally dying down. Katsucon/PAX East/The Move kept us extremely busy, but now I only have like 2 1.5 days cons left at this point until...October. I'll be at New York Comic Con Spring Edition in May in Manhattan, as Ryan Ottley is a guest and that's super relevant to my interests, and I'm one daying animeNEXT. I'm sure a Sakura Matsuri cameo will be had, but I don't know to what extent/when/ No cosplay for sure. And there's Free Comic Book Day/Thor weekend in early May. That pretty much covers the anime/comic side of thing.

But then there's music! I'm pulling a Sarararararara and doing 3 concerts in the span of a month, and since I haven't been to a true concert in forever, I'm excited (I've seen live music, but...not a concert per say)
This weekend is the Final Fantasy Distant World show in downtown Brooklyn, in which I'm going with Mario, Anna, Amanda and a whole other slew of nerds I know. Easter Weekend I'm seeing My Chemical Romance in Manhattan w. Ali and Alina (that's not confusing <<;;) and in early May, Rammstein in Jeresy w/ John, Lene and Carrie. Excited, I is.

Game wise, I've been fucking around with the Saints Row games, but I ultimately go back to Mass Effect 2. The Arrival drops today,and I'll be playing the hell out of that tonight/tomorrow and then hopefully get back to trying to get a better ending. Handheld wise, I have both Dissdia 0012 and 3rd Birthday at my disposal, so my PSP will continue to get plenty of love. Yes I did beat Persona 3 Portable, yes, it was sad, and man I was glad I bought my Aigis Figma.

Also, my weight loss thing has been pretty good. It will be a year in April (or May, I forget) since I've join the gym, and as of this morning, I'm under 165lbs. I've actually stopped drinking for the Lent season, as I usually try to do something instead of say, going to Church or praticie religion property, so it's definetly played a role in that. I need to bulk up a bit though, as being twig thin is never in season outside of the moon. Some definition would be appreciated.

Cosplay wise, for all of you that do care, I'll start working on my 1 summer costume come May, which is 75% reuse, because I am lazy. I still need to fix Dante up a bit as well. I'm aiming on 2 new costumes for NYCC (Big Time Spidey and Shepard) and 1 new one for AnimeUSA, which is something I want to go to, since it will make some time since I've last seen the VA/DC/Maryland/Carolinas crew. Speaking of traveling, Florida in early to mid September looks like a thing that will happen, so I'm excited for that.

Aside from that, nothing much else to report. Enjoying this Leonard-pic from PAX East, as it's full of cute and lolz.

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I went to see my friend's band play at our local bar on Saturday, does that count? That will make it 5 in a month. But the 3 in 3 days was my best. ^^;

Kinda? I saw a friend of AJ's band last year and it was pretty terrible, despite free passes. I tend to seperate bar shows/conventions acts, as I feel some the spectical is taken away at those venues.

I love that photo! It's awesome! <3
I still read LJ even though it seems lately that very little people do. ;___; I's a sad panda

I read it daily from M-F, as some of the older guard post on a regular basis. Still don't like FB.

In that pic, your gloved hand looks like a gas-mask.
Changes the whole context of the picture.

That would result in Sean's face being photoshopped on Chibitesaru's head.

Honestly, ANY Sean counts.

I agree with AJ, when I looked at that picture I was like "Wait why is Chris in black face?"


Allow me to Chang your mind.

I'm not in blackface, I'm a dark elf!!

Kudos on a successful move, and on the weight loss as well! :D I just finished playing through Arrival with my femmeShep. Have to say her game will be a bit more paragon-ey versus my male Shep. But fun nonetheless. XD The pic is adorable. Why is Carrie so cute??

I need to put more time into The Arrivel. For some reason it took 1-2 hours to D/L, so I only managed to grab the Doc and bail, as she explained that wacky Reaper clock to me. I'm sure I'll be able to beat it this weekend, and continue my 2nd playthrough which will hopefully end in LESS dead crew members.

And Carrie is cute because she's half-cute pokemon/half fairy. That's my theory.

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