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Livin on the corner of dude and catastrophe

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How I spent my summer vacation
So yeah, I kind of blew my promise to do at least 1 LJ update a month. In my defense, I may not have actually made that promise via LJ. If my presence was missed, I apologize, but I remain on the internets elsewheres, so get caught up on the times and what have you not.

So what the hell have I've been up to as of late?

Life: BUSY BUSY BUSY! I'm Florida bound this weekend w/ TEE!, and at various times during the 8 days I'm down there, will be joined by Carolann, Lauren, Raymondo Telemundo and Flippy-floppy. We will be visiting Kevine $@#ing Walker, Mickey Mouse, Lina, Chris and their Corgi. I haven't been on a legit vacation in years, so I'm really excited for this. Especially when Lauren and I decide to drink ALL of the liquor.

On the employment end of things, I still maintain my time between being a cube-drone and a blogger. But now I'm doing some work for Bleedingcool.com, which is kind of huge. I have some story ideas to pitch, and who knows, this may turn into a serious thing next year.

Freetime is usually consisting of gym and Netflix/Hulu Plus. Tiger and Bunny is wrapping up, which means I'm going to need to find some good anime to watch. F/X and NBC has my back in terms of comedey and dramas, as well as Modern Family. I'm actually reading some non-comic stuff as well as actual comics. I do want to play Heroclix some more, as I have a plethora of the little dudes sitting there not being used properly.

Videya wise- Portal 2, Catherine and Deus Ex: Human Revolution were all picked up. Almost done w/ P2, Catherine I beat w/ the normal ending and I'm waiting for Carrie to finish her run through so I can attempt another one, and I'm slowly getting through DE:HR. Gentle Ben is getting me Gears of War 3 for a late b-day gift, and Mario Persona 2, so I'll have those to keep me busy too. Aside from that, I'm excited for Uncharted 3, Aliens:Infested & Ultimate MvC3. Arkham City kind of, but it all depends on $$ & time.
My iphone has supplied me with Bejweled 2, Tiny Tower and Angry Bird seasons, and I've probably played those the most.

Convention: animeNEXT was a drunk mess of fun, but the last big convention I went to was PAX East. NYCC is little more than a month away and I cannot wait. I'll probably make a pre-NYCC post as things get closer, but man, I have fun times in store. I'm 90% certain I'll be at AUSA again this year again, but there's still a slim chance I'll be unable to make it. I wouldnt be againist me though.

Sports: Playing in a Fantasy Football League for the 1st time this year. Team name: Fister Roboto. I'm way too proud of that.

Music. "Watch the Throne" dissapointed me, as did  MC Lars' last album. Kirby Krackle did me solid though. Sucks that Disturbed is disbanded for the time being, but I imagine they'll be back in some form or another

In an attempt to get people to use their LJ more, I'm opening the floodgates to questions/feedback. What are you guys up to? How was D*C con? What are you planning for NYCC/NYAF/AUSA? How awesome is Tiger and Bunny? Who should I look at for mid-season replacements on my FF team? DISCUSS MEATSACKS!

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Dragon*Con was awesome! Way better than last year. You guys should really come back for the next one. There will likely be more Adventure Time shenanigans.

Carrie and I are considering it, both the return to D*C in 2012 and Adventure Time stuff. Her heart is really set on making Fiona, so chances are I'll be a vampire of sorts in the near future. We're just gonna need to find new hotel buddies, as Jorgan are now w/child.

....more importantly, we can do BSG cosplay!


No Spider-times this year, as things got all hectic. The lot of us are rolling X-Men instead. I think my Marvel stuff is now Cyclops and Deadpool.

Have fun in Florida!

Not sure what I'm doing for NYCC/NYAF. There's nothing I'm super excited to make for then since large costumes are impractical with the crowds.

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